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Call For Papers

Call For Papers Details

Please review the content of this page before submitting your idea(s). The form can be found on the link below:

CFP Submissions

As is the focus of BSides conventions worldwide, we  would like to invite consultants, hackers, hobbyists, academics and students to a conference hall to share their ideas, experiences and knowledge.

All submissions will be reviewed by our CFP review board. There will be one round of submission and acceptance of talks. Talks are accepted in both Arabic and English languages.

Topics & Format

Below are a few ideas of talks or workshops just to get the brain juice flowing. Keep in mind these are just examples – not a complete list. We are interested in all talks related to security:

  • Common Attacks within the local cyberspace and effective Mitigations 

  • Establishing an effective security culture

  • Delivering effective security on a small, shoe string budget

  • Formal ‘cybersecurity’ training and the security skills shortage

  • Delivering security outcomes without a dedicated security team

  • Security for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

  • How DevOps/DevSecOps culture and practices can improve security

  • Infrastructure as Code and automating infrastructure to improve security

  • Benefits and challenges of Enterprise Security Architecture

  • Effective Identity and Access Management processes and tools

  • Secure development practices

  • Innovative approaches to solving old security problems

  • Security benefits and challenges of cloud computing

  • Practical threat modelling techniques

  • Practical security metrics and using data to identify what actually works

  • Reducing complexity and technical debt to improve security

  • Effective, pragmatic and sustainable defensive security strategies and tools

  • Using security metrics to inform risk analysis, identify priorities and measure progress

  • Using machine learning to improve security

  • Using big data and data visualization to improve incident detection and response

  • Effective security incident management and response

  • Lessons learned from security incidents

  • Zero trust networking/the death of the network perimeter

  • Using and defending against Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques

  • Demonstrating penetration testing tools and techniques

  • Threat modelling and OpSec techniques for high-risk people

  • Focused research into the security of cars, medical devices, smart toys, Internet of Things (IoT), web applications, cloud services, hardware, etc.


When you submit, you can decide on your talk length. We are happy to support anything from a 15-minute lightning talk through to a 60-minute demonstration or talk. In addition to this, we are also interested in submissions for 60-minute to 3-hour workshops.

Tips for Submitting a Successful CFP

Following these tips will help us understand why we should select your presentation for BSides Riyadh 2018.

  • Give your proposal a simple and straightforward title.

  • Ensure that your talk is authentic, your peers will want original ideas, real-world scenarios, relevant examples or to learn something cool.

  • Include as much detail about the presentation as possible.

  • Explain why people will want to attend your talk and what they’ll take away from it.

  • Keep your proposal free of marketing, sales, buzzwords, jargon and Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

  • Limit the scope of your talk and ensure that you cover the interesting idea, concept, technique or finding in the presentation time you have selected.

  • If you only have enough material to present for 30 minutes, please don’t propose a 60-minute talk and then stretch your material to fill time.

We are not accepting any vendor pitches or corporate cheerleading talks. You are welcome to talk briefly about what your company does, or use corporate slides. However, your talk must focus on sharing your ideas, experience and knowledge with the community, and not selling products and services.

CFP is Currently Open!

Deadline : 10/2/2018

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